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Angels Can't Swim is available for purchase on the Amazon Kindle Store and also through Kindle Unlimited. 

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About the Book

Angels Can’t Swim is an original, honest coming-of-age novella that examines what goes on behind the scenes for three college swimmers. Jenna, Maggie, and Eden are each incredibly different in their personalities and struggles, yet under pressure they must come together in this compelling story of friendship and what it means to be a good teammate. While balancing the pressures of swimming at a high level and also dealing with the realities of college life, the three young women grow immensely as individual people and in their bonds with each other. In portraying these bonds, the novella tackles important issues such as eating disorders and what it means to be an LGBTQ young person. This intense, unforgettable novella is a must-read for young adults, college students, and all people who wish to take a glimpse into a world not often seen. 

Praise for Angels Can't Swim...

"Angels Can't Swim takes an honest look into the reality of life below the surface. The three young women embody both the complexity of being a female collegiate athlete as well as the inevitable ups and downs that all humans experience. Throughout the story, Alexandra McCann refers to what is lying just beneath the surface of the every day, the thoughts only existing in our minds and not in the conversations we hold with our peers at work, in the locker room, or at home. The story is a reminder of the vulnerabilities in human nature and hopefully serves as a catalyst for empathy. Everyone is going through something, and that is okay. The one undeniable buffer to the more difficult sides of the story is the bond the girls share with one another and their ability to support one another through the ups and downs without judgement." 

-- Kara Stroup, Product Director at Balance Position

"This is the type of novel that simply needs to be read by everybody who has ever felt confused or conflicted by life's many chaotic twists and turns, and with its realistic characters and beautifully-written scenes, its evocative emotion and compelling drama, it has all the makings of a possible bestseller."

-- Goodreads Review

"I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from ‘Angels Can’t Swim’. The novel was short, the author was unknown to me, and the general premise of the story was unlike anything I had read previously. Yet, once I had started to read it, I couldn’t stop. The idea of putting it down before reaching the end seemed almost unthinkable."

-- Cait Darcy, naturalcait.com

About Us

Alexandra McCann is a newly published author. 

She loves to swim, hike, read, and hang out with friends and family. Angels Can't Swim is her first published work. 

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